Faculty and Administration reach tentative agreement

FullSizeRender 18
Professor Clark (Modern Languages) and Professor Colon (Law School) catch up on email after another long day of negotiations.
Faculty salary and benefits negotiators emerged from Cunniffe House, home to Fordham’s administrative offices, on Friday evening after another full day of negotiations with a tentative three-year agreement that would lock in the all-in salary pool with 2.7% increases for each year over three years, but with significant health care cutbacks. Average new exposure is estimated to be around $2,000 per faculty member, with modest HRAs and a health care hardship fund established to offset these givebacks. An arbitration mechanism was also established in the agreement.

In an email report on Friday evening, Professor Andrew H. Clark, Chair of the Salary and Benefits Committee, that negotiated the deal, noted that tentative agreement “obviously required various concessions but we believe we significantly protected the level of health care from the drastic cuts proposed by the administration and minimized the cost to faculty and staff.”

The next step in the negotiation process is that the full Salary and Benefits Committee will hear the details of the tentative agreement on Monday morning, and vote whether to endorse the plan. Later the same day, the Senate will vote on whether to support or overturn the Committee’s recommendation.

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