#fordham #fakenews : Administration serves up disinformation to campus journalists

Writing in the midst of an Faculty Senate meeting this afternoon, Salary and Benefits Committee Chair Andrew H. Clark set the record straight on recent disinformation promulgated by the University’s Press Officer, Robert Howe. Clark noted:

Bob Howe’s statement that Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee made changes over the weekend is utterly false and we demand that this false statement be retracted. I did indeed write to faculty informing them of the deal we reached with the administration on Friday. I also informed faculty and then Salary and Benefits of provisions agreed to in that agreement including the $400/800 HRA fund through 12/31/20 and the $250,000 roll over hardship fund through 12/31/20 that they are now contesting. On Sunday we received an email at 10:54 pm from our lawyer that the administration proposed changes that went against the agreement we reached Friday afternoon. We have clear documentation of the negotiation meeting and will prove the record clear.

Clark’s response came after the Administration released a fantastical statement to the Fordham campus newspaper, The Ram. In his statement, the University’s press officer Robert Howe had claimed:

The University’s offer of Friday, April 28, which Professor Clark endorsed in an email that day, is not only still on the table, but is a very strong package which the Faculty Senate could and should ratify today. The Salary and Benefits Committee asked for additional concessions over the weekend, without which they said they would not recommend the package to the full Senate

In point of fact, it was the Administration that, in finalizing the written agreement over the weekend, began whittling away at stop-loss provisions previously agreed upon in the plan that are designed to protect faculty from financial hardships that the proposed new health care plan will inevitably cause.