Faculty Senate accepts salary and benefits deal under protest

On Friday afternoon Fordham’s faculty Senate agreed, under protest, to accept the Administration’s revised salary and benefits agreement. The language of the resolution to accept the deal reads as follows:

The Senate moved:

To accept the following recommendation from the Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee:

The Faculty Salary and Benefits Committee accepts the administration’s modified agreement under protest and in order to avoid further assault on faculty salary and benefits.

The Faculty and Salary Benefits condemns:

•   The administration’s failure to uphold the deal made on April 28, 2017
•   The attack upon the integrity of the Executive negotiating committee in the University’s authorized communications on May 1, 2017
•   The threat to further impose new terms in violation of the Statutes of the University during the week of May 1, 2017 as a way of coercing the Faculty Senate to accept the administration’s new modified MOA of May 2, 2017.

The motion was approved (19-0-1*). The abstaining vote was from a member of the Law School who cannot vote on salary and benefits.

For more detailed information regarding the conditions under which this deal was made, please see the May 12th letter from Andrew H. Clark, Chair of the Faculty Committee on Salary & Benefits to the University’s faculty.

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