Fordham Faculty Rights

A website dedicated to the Fordham Faculty's fight for equitable treatment on salary, benefits and co-governance issues.

Write a Letter

We’re calling on our community—faculty, students, their parents, alumni and staff—to write to the University President, key administrators, and the Board of Trustees  to tell them:

  • Why pre-empting our contract is wrong
  • Why making the making the sick and vulnerable pay much more is wrong
  • Why violating the University’s statutes is wrong.

Time is of the essence!
The Board of Trustees met on April 20th to vote on the 2018 budget, including the allocations for our health care benefits. They determined to instruct the Administration to extend negotiations for one week, until April 27th, 5pm. Your voices matter.

You can reach the Board of Trustees through their Secretary, Margie Ball

You can reach senior members of the administration at these addresses:
President Joseph McShane SJ
Martha Hirst – CFO
Nicholas Milowski – VP for Finance
Thomas A. Dunne – VP for Administration
Elaine Crosson – General Counsel

If you would like your letter to be displayed on this website for our students, other faculty, alumni and the press to read, we’d be happy to publish it. Please send the letter (or a portion you select) and let us know if we can use your real name or if we should publish it under the pseudonym of your choice to

For more information, contact us at:

Below are sample letters you could use to help write your own;